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HC MINING is a globally diversified and independent metals & minerals trading company located in Miami, FL USA with active operations in four continents; North America, South America, Africa and Asia.

Using our sector knowledge and global supply base, we source and market a wide range of metals & minerals including but not limited to platinum, gold, cobalt, copper, manganese, zinc, lead, aluminum, silicon, iron and coal.



Sourcing & Procurement

Whether it be sourcing hard-to-find material or looking for competitive pricing, global customers rely on HC MINING for its extensive knowledge and strong relations with producers around the world of a wide array of metals and minerals to meet their consumption needs.

Logistics & Customs

Being a global company, HC MINING has worldwide logistics and customs partners, which are focused on meeting the needs of our customers by managing the transportation and clearance of materials around the world while constantly striving for cost effectiveness and timely delivery.

Research & Analysis

HC MINING conducts ground-up supply/demand analysis for a full range of commodities to support our trading and investment work. HC MINING further undertakes market reviews and takes off strategy recommendations for feasibility studies for new/expansion projects as part of our pre-marketing services.

Prices & Payments

We, at HC MINING, create competitive prices for materials; and are open to the discussion on various methods of payment while providing alternative solutions to distressed producers.

Partnership & Collaboration

HC MINING’s active relationships with existing global partners in various industries allow us to offer right solutions as well as multi-level investment opportunities to individuals and private companies all around the world.

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ImageEthereum 307.13 $ 16.17% 1,223,367 ETH 663,133
ImageExchange Union 8.57 $ -1.09% 4,352 XUC 427,132
ImageRipple 0.20 $ 22.80% 222,418,219 XRP 719,280
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ImageLitecoin 156.32 $ 1.18% 255,226 XMR 218,887
ImageMonero 156.32 $ 1.18% 255,226 XMR 218,887

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Human Capital

We at HC MINING are true champions of process who are aligned to our business, proactively involved, lead by example and act with integrity. Our focus is to establish the Human Capital brand by focusing on continuous “Learning” which consists of the following eight subcategories:

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